Our goal is to create food with no addictive, simply 100% natural!

Located at Block LM 12-14 Industrial Park, Onyearugbulem, Akure Ondo state. We are a company that produces packed foods e.g Blossom Pounded Yam Flour, Blossom Beans Flour, etc

Blossom Beans Flour

One of our featured products.

Containing the following ingredients;

Onions, Pepper, Cray Fish, etc

All mixed into one flour

Blossom Pounded Yam Flour

Another featured product.

Blossom Pounded Yam Flour is made from

Yam Granules



Acclaimed By

Any food that requires enhancing by the use of chemicals should in no way be considered a food

John H. Tobe


Blossom Pounded Yam Flour

Made from Yam granules, see preparation on pack
$1.94/ ₦700.00

Blossom Spicy Beans Flour

See preparation on the pack,Ingredients include: Pepper, cray fish,etc
$2.77/ ₦1000.00

Blossom Yam Flour(Elubo Isu)

Preparation on Pack
$1.66/ ₦600.00

Blossom Plantain Flour

Preparation on Pack
$2.77/ ₦1000.00

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Sunday - SaturdayBlossom Beans Flour


Sunday - SaturdayBlossom Pounded Yam/Blossom Beans Flour


Sunday - SaturdayBlossom Yam Flour/Blossom Plantain Flour

Onyearugbulem Market, A122, Akure
Onyearugbulem Market, A122, Akure
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